Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)


Dr. P. Rayappa

Annual Quality Assurance Report (AQAR)

AQAR for the year 2012-13: KVRC_AQAR_2012-13
AQAR for the year 2013-14: KVRC_AQAR_2013-14
AQAR for the year 2014-15: KVRC_AQAR_2014-15
AQAR for the year 2015-16: KVRC_AQAR_2015-16
AQAR for the year 2016-17: KVRC_AQAR_2016-17

Activities and Achievements

2012-13:IQAC/2012-13 Activities and Achievements.pdf 2013-14:IQAC/2013-14 Activities and Achievements.pdf 2014-15:IQAC/2014-15 Activities and Achievements.pdf 2015-16:IQAC/2015-16 Activities and Achievements.pdf 2016-17:IQAC/2016-17 Activities and Achievements.pdf

All India Survey on Higher Education(AISHE)

AISHE latest data submission certificate: AISHE_Dataupload_certificate_2017-18

IQAC Minutes of the meeting

IQAC - Minutes of the Meeting

Undertaking by the Principal

Undertaking by the Principal

IQAC Committee

Name Designation
Sri M. Venkateswara Rao Convener (Principal)
Dr. P. Rayappa Member Secretary
Dr. A.J. Pratapa Reddy Member
Sri M.M.V.Y. Swamy Member
Sri T.D. Paul Babu Member
Dr. P. Rajanikanth Member
Dr. Ch. Kishore Member
Sri V.S.R.K. Prasad (Management Representative) Member
Sri V.U.M. Gupta (Alumni) Member
Dr. K. Bhanu Prasad (Alumni) Member
Sri P. Pitcheswara Rao (Community Representative) Member
Sri T. Koteswara Rao (Community Representative) Member
Smt. J. Usha (Administrative Staff) Member
V. Naga Rani (Student) Member
T. Sambasiva Rao (Student) Member
B. Swathi (Student) Member

National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC)


T. David Paul Babu

NAAC-2018 related documents

Self Study Report 2013-18submitted for second cycle NAAC

1.4.1 Feedback 2013-14: 1.4.1 feedback 2013-14
1.4.1 Feedback 2014-15: 1.4.1 feedback 2014-15
1.4.1 Feedback 2015-16: 1.4.1 feedback 2015-16
1.4.1 Feedback 2016-17: 1.4.1 feedback 2016-17
1.4.1 Feedback 2017-18: 1.4.1 feedback 2017-18
1.4.2 year wise consoldated ATR: 1.4.2 year wise consoldated action taken report
5.1.3 Report of Capability enhancement and Development schemes: 5.1.3 Report of Capability
6.2.2. Organogram: 6.2.2 Organogram
6.5.4 IQAC Annual Report: 6.5.4 IQAC Annual Report
6.5.4 Annual Academic Audit: 6.5.4 AAA- Format I
7.1.12 Code of Conduct: 7.1.12 Code of Conduct
7.1.12 Hand Book 2018-19: 7.1.12 Hand Book 2018-19
7.1.13 Core Values:7.1.13 Core Values
7.1.15 HVPE: 7.1.15 HVPE
7.1.16 Code of Conduct: 7.1.16 Code of Conduct

DVV Corrections

3.3.4: NAAC/3.3.4.xlsx

Program Outcomes

Glimpses of NAAC Peer Team Visit on 28th and 29th December, 2018